What people are saying about CFPA...

"You and your team do such an amazing job working with the kids, encouraging them and providing an environment that everyone can learn and grow in...and the end performances are absolutely awesome. I am always amazed at what you all can accomplish in 3 short hours a week. So thank you for your commitment to the kids and families. I'm sure my girls will always remember CFPA as one of their childhood highlights.”
–Jessica (parent)

"On behalf of my entire family, I want to thank you for allowing our children to be a part of the CFPA family. The past five months for our family have been amazing. In all my years performing in and watching theater, that truly was one of the best productions of any show I've seen. Kudos to you and your team!"
–Chris (parent)

"I am so happy that I am in CFPA. I really never found somewhere I feel so at home and like I belong :) Thank you for the fantastic time!"
–Lily (student)

"Thank you so much for making CFPA such an enjoyable atmosphere. I have enjoyed every minute I have participated!"
–Danielle (student)

"CFPA is more than a children’s theater company. While the top notch, professional instruction from its director, producer and team of choreographers is second to none, we firmly believe that CFPA is a place where confidence blossoms and friendships take seed. It isn't just about lines, dance moves and music. It's about children dwelling in a nurturing, creative environment, while experiencing the kind of personal growth a parent normally just dreams about."
–ABK (parent)

"We really enjoyed being a part of CFPA. The schedule was very easy for our family (of 9) to adhere to. Being able to participate in dancing, acting and singing all in one was a great benefit. We very much appreciated the professionalism of the staff and firm structure of the time when students practiced and performed. I would recommend CFPA to anyone who has a child with an interest in theater."
–Genea (parent)

"Finding CFPA was one of the best things that has ever happened to my 11-year old daughter. It is a GEM of a company - full of loving instructors and the most amazing, polite and talented kids I have ever met. It is small enough that everyone feels like they are part of a family, yet big enough to pull off just AMAZING productions. The "audition" process is low pressure and optional - a wonderful experience, even for a first time auditioner. The one-day-a-week schedule makes it easy on the parents and the kids, and the organization of Delisa and her staff to always have the information out to the parents makes you always feel like you know what is going on and when things are due. My daughter has struggled to "find her place" and "her thing" with like-minded kids. CFPA has made her absolutely blossom. We have never seen her happier - we are so grateful."
–Laura (parent)

"Alexander was so happy last night that he didn't stop talking about you, the show, and all his friends!!! He will cherish it forever :) He also, refused to change clothes and he fell asleep wearing his nightshirt!!!!!! How funny is that?"

"Thank you again for being so sweet to Coral. She loves everything about CFPA ..."

"Thank you again to you and your team of directors, producers, choreographers, coordinators, assistants and volunteers to make such a wonderful performance."

"Thank you so much for giving my son such a wonderful experience. What you and your staff do for these kids is just amazing! Nikolas is normally very shy. I saw such a change in him since starting at CFPA. In these past couple of weeks his confidence has improved tremendously, so again I thank you!!!"

"Thank you again for all of your hard work...the show was amazing! I was so impressed with how your older students step in so many wonderful leadership positions. Olivia was floating last night!"

"What a marvelous time Leah had being Tinkerbell and just being with all her theater buddies and the crew. She said to me the other night, "Mom, I don't know why they always talk about sports being a team thing, the theater is a team too." It's so true."